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Twiniversity Awards Belli Elasticity Belly Oil and Belli Acne Cleansing Facial Wash with the "Twiniversity Approved" Stamp of Approval

After months of intense product testing within the multiple parenting community, Twiniversity™ is proud to announce that Belli Elasticity Belly Oil and Belli Acne Cleansing Facial Wash have been officially awarded the "Twiniversity Approved" stamp of approval.

New York, New York (PRWEB) October 12, 2011

Parents of twins, and higher order multiple birth children, from around the globe have united within Twiniversity; the world's fastest growing online network exclusively for their community. Twiniversity was formed to help families connect so that experiences can be shared, support can be given, and all multiple birth families have a place to call their online home.

One of the numerous topics discussed within Twiniversity is personal care during pregnancy. Moms to be and new moms are always looking for something to help with stretch marks and the itching that is associated with a growing belly. Considering how much a mother of multiples grows during her pregnancy, which is expectedly larger than that of a singleton expectant mother, this growth may be irritating, or even downright painful. Within their group moms also discuss pregnancy skin issues, including the all too common including Chloasma, a hormone related acne issue.

With these topics being so prevalent in the Twiniversity Forums, the founder Natalie Diaz was thrilled when Belli, a skincare line developed especially with moms in mind, reached out seeking an official "Twiniversity Approval".

Moms from around the United States were chosen to take part in the Twiniversity Approval process for Belli Elasticity Belly Oil and Belli Acne Cleansing Facial Wash. Twiniversity Testers were required to record their thoughts on the product packaging, usability, etc. The independent testers were given Belli Elasticity Belly Oil and Belli Acne Cleansing Facial Wash to be used for a series of months during different stages of their pregnancy. The reviewers were also asked to take photos and record videos to help illustrate why they liked or disliked certain features. Since 100% of the Twiniversity Testers would "highly recommend Belli Elasticity Belly Oil to another mother of multiples," and the majority of the reviewers would "highly recommend Belli Acne Cleansing Facial Wash", Twiniversity proudly announces that both products have officially been awarded the "Twiniversity Approved" stamp.

Some of the features the approval team liked best about Belli Elasticity Belly Oil include: the scent, the beautiful packaging and the way it made them feel. "I put it on at night after the shower and the scent and texture is very pampering." Becky Wolfe, a Twiniversity Tester noted "I am a big fan of the elegance and simplicity Belli has put into their packaging-it really makes the consumer feel like they are using a high-end spa product in the comfort of their own home."

The Belli Acne Cleansing Facial Wash was praised by reviewers for its nice scent, cleaning ability and ease of use. "It felt like it tightened my skin and felt refreshing" another Twiniversity Tester commented.

Natalie Diaz, founder of Twiniversity, explained why Twiniversity started its own approval process by saying, "Parents of multiples trust other parents of multiples more so than anyone else. Since our community is such a tightly knit one, we depend on each other for support and guidance. Even though twins occur one in every 30 deliveries, it's still rare, and the fact that our group shares this common bond makes us a real close community." She goes on to say, "This trust is not taken lightly, so when we decided to start our own review process we took several factors into consideration, most being specific to parents of multiples and unique to our community. We want to make sure that time, safety and finances are considered since they are what Twiniversity families are most concerned with."

"Twiniversity Approved" recipients are recognized on the specific standards set forth by the Twiniversity team, and tested by independent families of multiples who are not paid for conducting reviews.

About Twiniversity. 
Twiniversity is the fastest growing online community for parents of multiples since its founding in February 2010. Lead by Natalie Diaz, mom of six-year-old twins, writer for New York Family Magazine, teacher of the Twins 101 series, multiple parent advocate and Director of The Manhattan Twins Club. 
Twiniversity headquarters is located in New York, N.Y. and has reach to more than 10,000 families of multiples in over 19 countries. For more information, visit

About Belli 
Founded on a clinical understanding of ingredient safety in 2002 by Jason Rubin MD and Annette Rubin, Belli offers luxurious and effective skin care solutions to safely address the specific skin care issues of pregnant women, new moms and babies. Belli incorporates the best ingredients from science and nature with the benefits of aromatherapy and massage therapy for holistic mother care. The Belli brand has earned the respect of OB/GYNs and pediatricians and the trust of discerning moms. Belli alone provides the treatments that make women feel beautiful, empowered and pampered during a magical yet uncertain time of body changes and heightened safety concerns.


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Belli Tries Petit Organics

We don’t think that we have to talk to you about why many of the moms at Belli swear by organic food for their little ones. But just in case you need a refresher, we'll quote Petit Organics: Babies are much more vulnerable to toxins in their diets than adults.  This is why going organic is so important to your baby’s growth and development.  Organic farming keeps synthetic pesticides and fertilizers out of the food our little ones eat! Organic farming also reduces toxic farming runoff and pollutants that contaminate our water, soil and air.   And lastly…organically raised produce simply tastes better!
When, Monica, one of the moms here at Belli was given the green light to start her 6 month old son on solids, she knew she wanted to go organic but was not sure if she wanted to purchase organic shelf stable food or purchase organic produce and prepare it on her own.  When it came right down to it, Monica knew that as a working mom who barely had time to prepare food for herself, making fresh baby food for her son probably wasn’t realistic -- there just didn’t seem to be enough time in the day. She then learned about Petit Organics. Petit Organics is an organic baby food home delivery service in the New York Metro area (soon to go national, we hope!)  Petit Organics’ mission is to help bring fresh, wholesome baby food to the many busy families in the New York City area.
When you shop on the site, you select a Petit Pack based on your child’s age, which includes 9 jars of fresh, organic baby food.  You can build your own Petit Pack or you can have Petit Organics select the varieties for you.  A Petit Pack is valued at $48.00. 
Monica’s Petit Pack included varietals from the Stage 2 blends (8 months and up): Apple, Sweet Potato & Nutmeg, Broccoli, Carrot & Quinoa, Zucchini & Lentil, Pear, Oat & Cinnamon and Apple & Carrot. Petit Organics also offers a couple seasonal blends, which were also included.  The food was hand delivered (you select a window that works for your schedule) in a cute, branded refrigerated bag. All of the individual packs were date stamped so that mommies can keep track of the food’s freshness.
Our review: The stage 2 blends were absolutely delicious and the freshness was incredibly apparent. In fact, Monica didn’t just feed the blends to her son – she ate them herself and shared a few varieties with other moms in the area.  All of the moms agreed that the Petit Organics food is yummy enough for adults to eat too!
If you are in the NY area, we encourage you to give Petit Organics a try – we don’t think you’ll be disappointed in the quality, freshness and most of all taste of this baby food brand.  Follow them on Facebook for news and insider deals at


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~Belli skincare Celebrates Its Birthday with an Online Bash ~
The sizzling summer event that current and expectant moms wait for all year long is finally here.  This year’s fourth annual online Belli Birthday Bash is bigger than ever with a star studded line up that is sure to be a show stopper.  Beginning August 18th  (with pre-shopping starting 8/17) and running through September 1st Belli, a line of luxurious and uniquely teratology-tested skincare products which address the specific issues of pregnant women, new moms and babies, will be hosting an online party to celebrate the company’s birthday.  To kick-off the party, Belli and its partner sponsors will have a drawing for a prize each day during the two week promotion.   Then on September 1st, one lucky grand prizewinner will be selected to take home each of the prizes awarded during the promotional period. 
“We are thrilled to partner with best-of-class brands that offer products of distinction for mom and baby,” said Annette Rubin, Founder of Belli.  “At Belli, we understand the importance of quality products, convenience and accessibility for shoppers, especially for today’s busy mom.  Through our website, we have created THE ‘Online Resource’ for the best and safest skincare products. Not only will visitors have access to every Belli product with a simple click of a mouse, they will also have access to the expertise of Belli’s founding physician and medical director, Jason Rubin, M.D., to answer any skincare health or Belli product line questions.” 
To thank current Belli customers for their support and to invite new customers, starting August 17th and running through September 1st, Belli will be offering 30% store-wide discounts and amazing deals! Visitors will have the opportunity to enter a daily drawing for fabulous prizes.  Style expert Amy Tara Koch of Bump It Up Style says, "Fashion newsflash:  Check out Belli’s online bash for the deals and steals. From premier brands like PishPosh Mommy, Patemm, Isabella Oliver, Belabumbum, mamaRoo (4MOMs), HappyBaby Foods, Britax, Keen, Boon, Inc., Lansinoh and Dapple  -  each day there will be a mega-chic giveaway designed to help moms to be tap into their  inner bump it up babe."
Annette Rubin continues, “This is an exciting time for us. Belli’s website will provide an open forum and a community for moms.  It is our first step in creating an online one-stop-shop as well as a much-needed mommy network for our customers.”  Past participant Jill Hickey and founder of Not So Soccer Mom says, “"I swear by Belli Skincare's facial wash and eye cream! As a mom of 5 kids ranging in age from 2-13, I need all the eye cream I can get!  I told all of the listeners on my radio show without hesitation to attend the online bash last year and they LOVED it – the products and the savings!!!” 

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